Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Good news for Hulk!

Turns out that brilliant director Guillermo del Toro is exchanging an angry red beast for an angry green one, which is nothing short of great news for the new live action Hulk tv show going before cameras in the next year or so. Marvel are hoping the series will premiere in Fall 2012, which may make for a fourth Hulk actor in a decade, as the expectations for Mark Ruffalo to continue his role from 'The Avengers' film dropping the same year aren't high.

However, there is a second droplet of good news to ripple the Hulk pond. David Eick, a writer and producer on Battlestar Galactica and Caprica has become involved too, and for me that is a sign of dark time ahead for Hulk, which is of course, a brilliant idea. Although, it probably all depends on his availability as his schedule is now crammed with an adaptation of 'The Children of Men' (which was developed into a brilliant film in 2006) and an interesting sounding sci-fi show titled 'Them'. All three sound like interesting projects, so I'm hoping none of them get put on the back burner in favour of any of the others.

Of course, del Toro's plate is always completely crammed full of interesting projects so the same goes for him too. No news on who will be playing Hulk, as of yet, but in the massive amount of time before fall 2012 I'm sure we'll hear more! However, you can be sure that one of those announcements will be that Lou Ferrigno will make some kind of cameo.

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