Friday, 25 March 2011

Two teasers for Spielberg produced telly

Spielberg has produced not one but two shows set to hit your televisions this year and in the past week they've both had teasers put out. One is a time travel epic called Terra Nova which sends a group of humans from the future, 2149 to be exact, back in time 85 million years in order to 'get it right' this time. It seems like a little too far back to actually change anything of importance, unless they plan on just pressing a reset button on the entire human race. Which is a bit bold. It also doesn't take into account that something is going to wipe all the dinosaurs off the face of the earth... All will inevitably be revealed, I guess.

The other is a chaotic look into the future, which sees the human race battered by an invading alien force and trying to survive further attacks. This one needs less CGI and more human drama I think and thus I'm much more interested in how this one turns out. Falling Skies is the first to appear in June, with Terra Nova starting later in the year.

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