Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Excuses, Excuses...

So I've been away for about 3 months... and here are what can only be called excuses.

When I and my Fiancée started looking for a place to live, we honestly didn't expect it to be as quick as it was. The words "You can move in at the end of the month" were brilliant to hear, especially for such a lovely, and relatively cheap place. So we were quick to get into action, packing all our worldly possessions (mainly about seven boxes of DVDs and video games in my case) and moving in.

Then when we had moved everything necessary in, it came to the computer, which unfortunately was a shared one with my parents. They would keep it until a new one was bought and delivered, so they were quick to get into action and buy a new computer... from Mesh. Who went into administration (although there website seems to say otherwise). And didn't tell them for ages. So that delayed me getting my computer to my flat for a while.

Then I went on holiday. Yet another delay. And I didn't have a computer table. So another one. Anyway, now I'm home and I have my computer and my computer table and that was this weekend just passed.

So now I can get back to learning more about what I want to do best. Describing what I think about films and television in a way that will inspire others to either steer clear or seek them out.

Let's get to it eh?

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