Thursday, 20 January 2011

Batman round-up!

Let's get down to it

  • Anne Hathaway is Selina Kyle which is alright, better than the rest of the hopefuls, but a far cry from a brilliant choice. However, I have faith in Nolan to make it work. Also, she's been confirmed to be Kyle, not Catwoman, so maybe they won't tackle that!
  • Tom Hardy is Bane which is actually pretty cool, as James Hunt at Denofgeek states "In the comics, Bane was invented for one specific purpose, the storyline Knightfall, in which Bane, an ultra-intelligent, superhumanly strong, expert strategist managed to best Batman on every level, breaking his back and forcing him to quit superheroics (for a while, at least). That version of Bane sounds like a threat that might legitimately test Nolan's Batman. And with Tom Hardy in the role, it's safe to say they probably won't be going the monosyllabic, muscle-bound henchman route." Which sounds perfect to me!
  • Darren Aronofsky is turning his Batman script into a graphic novel in the hopes of impressing studio executives into taking the reigns for the fourth film. This sound brilliant, and as if it's a plan that just might work, and even if it doesn't, we'll still have an Aronofsky penned graphic novel! Hurrah!
I can only hope either of the two follow ups will be as good as either of the two previous Nolan's!

Carl England

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