Tuesday, 18 January 2011

I'm coming back, I promise!

I know it must be an obligatory thing for every blog to have at some point, but this is a genuine promise to return to this thing with full speed on. When I started it I had very few ideas and was hoping that making this happen would spark my imagination. The internet is very deceptive that way, and my 250ish Stumble's will agree with that.

However, I have begun work on a few ideas that have been knocking around my skull and I'm pretty proud of the one that has finally come to fruition tonight, with ridiculously terrible awesome photoshop animation at it's core. It's set to become a weekly thing for Carlmageddon so you'll at least see one thing per week from me.

I'm hoping to have everything set to go by the start of February, so fingers crossed I can stop procrastinating long enough to type some coherent thoughts down!

Also, the photo of Nick Cage is because I've been watching quite a bit of his filmography recently, and with the aid of my Lovefilm, this shall continue!

Back soon,
Carl England

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