Wednesday, 20 July 2011

The Amazing Spider-man trailer

Without any more words, here is the trailer:

And now some thoughts:
Firstly, I've never liked the idea of rebooting Spider-man since the first in Sam Raimi's trilogy is brilliant, and the second a truly incredible feat. Sure, the third was a little un-even, but the fourth film was looking to come back on track before it all went sour for Raimi when Columbia switched to the reboot route. However, then Marc Webb was attached as director and things started getting interesting.

It was revealed that it was going to be a darker tone, but also that it would more closely follow the comics (in that Pete's getting friendly with Gwen Stacy instead of Mary Jane, and that his web-swinging is not part of his abilities, but something which he creates himself). Then, of course, it seemed much more toward where a good reboot could be.

However, this trailer leaves me wondering, where is the fun? Where is Spider-Man's wit and charm? Why does this trailer seem more like a teen romance than a super-hero film? And the biggest question of all, why is Spider-man doing an ode to Mirror's Edge for the last minute of the trailer? For those of you who don't know of Mirror's Edge or don't believe me, have a look at the trailer for that below. Stunning similarities, eh?

So there are a few things which could work out well for The Amazing Spider-man, but so far the trailer doesn't do much to live up to it's name.

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