Sunday, 27 February 2011

Firefly Watch: Show your support, buy Browncoats Redemption

If you, like I, want to show your support for Firefly getting back on the air while giving money to 5 worthwhile charities it's time to put your money where your mouth is. Head on over to the Browncoats: Redemption site and pick up a copy of this lovely looking, Whedon endorsed fan film. Not only do the quantities sold show Fox that Firefly has a loyal fanbase worthy of their time and effort, but you'll also be helping to support the following charities: Equality Now, Kids Need to Read, The Dyslexia Foundation, The Al Wooten Jr. Heritage Center and Marine Corps Law Enforcement Foundation.

If that wasn't enough, the film includes appearances from Alan Baldwin and Michael Fairman reprises his role as Adelai Niska. Still not enough? Well, if you pick up the remastered edition you'll also get interviews with Alan Tudyk and Ron Glass, sharing their views on the film and Firefly itself.

I just picked up a copy myself, and as a proud browncoat I wish everyone involved the best of luck with this and future projects. Here's that link again... Browncoats: Redemption

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