Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Firefly Watch: Two more! Sketchy, but acceptable.

While neither is a hundred percent affirmative, both Tim Minear and Morena Baccarin have chipped in their two cents. Two facts to remember:

1) It's unlikely that the Firefly comeback would happen without involvement of 20th Century Fox
2) Fans remember what stars they like say

@CancelledAgain (Tim Minear): @stuxmusic if I were to revisit Firefly, at least the moment, it'd have to be via 20th, as they own my ass. And other parts. [link]

@missmorenab (Morena Baccarin) “@stuxmusic: @missmorenab do you support the fight to get Firefly back on TV?” People! You know my answer is a

No, I didn't copy that badly, Morena's tweet ended there. However, it does lead us to conclude that the fans know the answer already, so when I got the following tweet, I assumed I could take it as a yes. Of course if I'm wrong about that, it'll be changed!

@kaiserjose1: @HelpNathanBuyFF @missmorenab @stuxmusic I've been to several Firefly cons w/Morena in attendance. Answer is definitely yes!

These two are definitely more on the Sketchy side, because we're only taking it for granted that we think Morena is a yes, and that Fox would head this, thus involving Minear. However, at this point, sketchy is better than no! Also, I finally found a picture of Jose Molina! Now we're rolling, the score card looks a little like this:


  1. Adam Baldwin hasn't directly put in his support. He was asked about it via twitter, and replied "has nathan said anything?" The questioner replied "no" to which Adam replied "ball's in his court" - While not a triumphant endorsement, it does show he's somewhat interested.