Friday, 18 February 2011

Thor trailer and thoughts

This trailer is brilliant... up until the last 10 seconds when it becomes clear that specific scenes are using gimmicky 3D. Oooh look at this giant monster come to towards you! I'm not 10 any more, things don't need to jump out at me for me to enjoy it. It's not like Thor is the hot new thing from Marvel, and all the kids are like 'Whoa! Thor!' in fact, I think of all the superheroes in the upcoming Avengers movie, kids will be the least interested in Thor (or Hawkeye, but that's just because he won't already be drilled into their conciousness). So, Marvel, who the hell is the 3D element of this aimed at? (and don't say 'the audience') Of all the movies released with an extra dimension in mind, I can see no reason for this to be one of them.

Speaking of 3D in super hero films. What about the Avengers? Is that going to be in 3D? I would have to imagine Joss Whedon isn't keen. Pure speculation of course, but still.

Anyway, on with the trailer...

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