Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Firefly Watch: two writers are on board too

In bringing a television show to life, maybe the most important people needed are creators and writers. Only in special circumstances do these people get the recognition they deserve. In the world of Joss Whedon, the writers are an extension of himself, and the wonderful ideas he has. The most wonderful ideas he had were put into a television show that was played with and broken by the network it was on before it even hit tv screens. This 14 episode show was so engaging and brilliantly created that it not only spawned a movie and a comic series, but is still loved and held onto by fans 9 years later. This is in no small part owed to everyone involved.

Which is why I am more than happy to report (about 3 days to late, mind) that two key writers have put their hands up to be counted too. Jose Molina, writer of two Firefly episodes 'Trash' and 'Ariel' and executive story editor on the entire series, has tweeted in support of Fillion's message, saying "For what it's worth, I've told him I'd drop what I was doing and follow." Then, the brilliant Jane Espenson, writer of Firefly episode 'Shindig', chimed in and tweeted "I'm there, if needed."

I salute you both, and would add you to the wall if only I could find a picture of Jose Molina! If I find one by the next instalment of Firefly Watch, you'll be on there!

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