Monday, 21 February 2011

Nathan Fillion would happily be Mal Reynolds again

When Entertainment Weekly asked Nathan Fillion 'Would you (do) Firefly again?' he responded with the answer that all of us Browncoats would want him to say: "Yes. Yes... If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it on my own, and distribute it on the Internet."

What an utter champ. Of course, this sent Firefly fans into a frenzy, and very quickly a web domain was purchased. is where you'll be able to pledge money towards this situation becoming a reality, and get new episodes of Firefly (or Serenity 2) on the way. Not only do I love this idea, I also think that it is going to get a huge response from the fans. The only problem is, even if it gets enough to make even one episode, will the remaining members of the crew even be able to come back?

For starters, even Fillion may be in bother getting time off from his hit TV show Castle. He's got a contract and if Firefly were to work, it may have to be in conjunction with Fox (however crazy that may seem to work with the network that messed up not one but two of Whedon's shows) and Castle resides at ABC. Not to mention that Morena Baccarin is currently contracted with ABC too, working on V. Adam Baldwin on the other hand is with NBC, while he plays the role of Col John Casey (rather brilliantly, I might add). Summer Glau is in a slightly better position as while she is currently contracted with NBC with The Cape, it's pretty certain it's living out it's last days.

Sean Maher, Jewel Staite and Gina Torres are in a fairly open position and I think they would keen to return to the good ship Serenity. Also, while both Ron Glass and Alan Tudyk's characters kicked the bucket in the feature film, they both appear free to return to the show, depending on where in the story the new episodes would be set.

However, imagining Firefly without Baccarin and Baldwin is hard, especially if the story were to pick up after the events in Serenity, with the crew already two men down. It all depends on how willing the network's would be to let their stars go off and star on a rival network's show, and then it further depends on how willing the rest of the cast would be willing to actually come back to Firefly.

The big one for me is Whedon. He's currently very busy working on the Avengers movie, and if that goes well, I would imagine more of them would be on the way to take up more of the good man's time. However, it wouldn't be certain his involvement is required past one instalment, and even if it were, it wouldn't mean he couldn't be involved with other projects.

I for one, urge anyone who has interview time with the cast members of Firefly that they ask the important questions and find out if they are as up for returning to the show as Fillion. I would also like to thank Nathan Fillion himself for sparking the hope inside every Firefly fan that it would continue, and wish him good luck in the California Lottery!

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